Poppy Playtime Chapter 3 release date will be available by early 2023, according to the game’s official poster.

There are currently no specifics on when it will be released, but you can learn more about it by visiting the game’s official website: poppyplaytimeonline.com!

More details, such as the plot of the third chapter, as well as a task i which you will become lost in Huggy Wuggy’s house building, will be available there.

Now the poppy playtime game has also released its second chapter and is available across platforms. Players can enjoy the new content of the game.

Poppy Playtime’s Chapter 2: Fly in a Web is the second chapter of the indie horror game. It was released on Steam on May 5, 2022.

The plot of the chapter picks up where Chapter 1: A Tight Squeeze left off, with The Player releasing Poppy Playtime from her case. The Player’s new goal is to find a way out of the factory while avoiding Mommy Long Legs and using new items.

“Now that Poppy is free, things start to shift quickly as you look for a way out of the plant.”

“You must go deeper into the toy factory, which is three times the size of Chapter 1. There are mind-numbing puzzles and terrifying gadgets in store. Swing and grapple your way to safety. Try to flee, and don’t let Mommy track you down.”